Case Studies

Rofe Dental

Segment: Dental practice in Boston, MA
Problem: Poor return on investment from existing marketing campaigns
Solution: 100 Marketers created an online campaign promoting Rofe Dental in the Internet search engines and online directories. We also developed an online tracking system that supplied them with data on all calls and emails received from the online campaign and simultaneously tracked their existing Yellow Pages marketing return.
Results: 1000% return on marketing investment every month from the online campaign. Existing Yellow Pages marketing campaigns were cancelled or severely reduced when our tracking found that they were 16 times less effective at generating new revenue than the online campaign.

Atlantis Worldwide LLC

Industry: Medical Imaging System Sales
Problem: Very poor return on investment from existing website
Solution: 100 Marketers’ research indicated a low level of education in the area of medical imaging systems on the part of potential buyers. We built a new website offering 3 educational papers on buying and selling medical imaging systems. These papers required visitor sign-up with accurate contact information. We also provided traffic to the site by setting up pay-per-click campaigns in Google and Yahoo.
Results: Consistent flow of 100+ leads every month. Two contracts resulting from this campaign alone accounted for more than $400K in revenue.

Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Segment: Plastic surgeon’s office in Miami, FL
Problem: Poor return from existing marketing campaigns & desire to increase leads from corporate website
Solution: 100 Marketers managed the re-design of a new, high-end design website. We also created a highly targeted pay-per-click campaign in the search engines linked to a series of promotional offers on the new website.
Results: Created incoming flow of 200-300 new patient leads every month. 2000% return on investment in year 1 of campaign.

Fieldstone Property

Segment: Tampa-based apartment complex owner
Problem: Increase flow of leads into leasing offices on all 7 Tampa apartment locations
Solution: 100 Marketers realized that many people were searching for apartments online but were being herded through aggregator sites like and 100 Marketers built a high-end website to show off Fieldstone’s apartment complexes and drove traffic to the site direct from Internet search engines before searchers even got to the aggregator sites.
Results: In year 1, 5000 leads originated from the new site. Cost per lead fell to a company low of $20 per new lead.

Dr. Edwards

Segment: New York-based Orthodontics Practice
Problem: Failure of traditional marketing to deliver orthodontic leads in volume and at reasonable cost.
Solution: 100 Marketers began a Search Engine Optimization campaign to put Dr. Edwards’ practice on the first page of the search results in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Utilizing the keyword-rich domain name, we built the doctor a new website, launched it and got him to page 1 on his 20 most important keyword phrases within 4 months.
Results: 40 new patient calls every month from free traffic to his website.

Demon FishEye Lens

Segment: Camera Lens Retailer
Problem: Expensive niche magazine advertising generating some sales but eating all profit.
Solution: 100 Marketers built a Pay-Per-Click campaign on Google Yahoo and MSN with built-in tracking of sales resulting from the campaign. Results: Our campaign is directly responsible for over $80,000 in sales (and growing) with a very low average cost per sale of just $12.

Cinecitta Restaurant

Segment: Restaurant
Problem: No return on marketing investment and a feeling that “only personal referrals get us more business”
Solution: 100 Marketers created a new website showcasing the restaurant and their menu. We also generated traffic to the site by using local internet listings and pay-per-click advertising on the search engines.
Results: Every month the restaurant receives 100 incoming calls from the website.

Poli Mortgage

Segment: Mortgage Company
Problem: High cost of purchasing mortgage leads and non-exclusivity of those leads leading to poor close ratio.
Solution: Pay-Per-Click campaign on search engines created with a simple but direct landing website that allows for both incoming calls and contact forms to be tracked completely. The submitted form is delivered almost instantaneously to Poli loan officers. In many cases, loan officers are on the phone with qualified prospects within minutes.
Results: Mortgage requests from new prospects generated at the rate of over $25 million per month. Poli Mortgage reduced lead generation costs to under $30 per exclusive lead and created a Web sales pipeline worth $200 million.

Directory M

Segment: Online Advertising
Problem: Low return on email marketing initiatives
Solution: 100 Marketers researched the target market and made major changes to an existing email campaign with the addition of an email-specific landing page.
Results: 100 Marketers email campaign boosted sales by 400%. On a 50:50 split of leads, 100 Marketers' campaign brought in 80% of revenue for that quarter's email versus the in-house campaign's 20%. 100 Marketers combination of well-written, impact full copy and well-designed landing page was 4 times more effective at generating sales.

Demos Solutions LLC

Industry: Workforce management software and consulting
Problem: Leverage technology to awaken dormant client relationships
Solution: 100 Marketers created an electronic newsletter that re-utilized existing Demos Solutions content and allowed them to keep in touch with their existing and past clients on a regular basis and add value to their clients’ businesses.
Results: After the first month’s newsletter was delivered, a past client called Demos Solutions to discuss one of the articles and subsequently contracted for $150K of consulting work. With a low unsubscribe rate of 0.6% and a high click thru of over 15%, this new e-newsletter kept Demos Solutions' expertise at the forefront of their customers' and prospects' minds.