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Phone Call Tracking & Recording


Phone Call Tracking & Recording

Lord Leverhulme, the founder of the Unilever manufacturing company, is famous for saying, “I know that half my advertising budget is wasted. The problem is I don’t know which half.”

Well, that’s something that advertising agencies have been happy to take advantage of in the past and some still do. But technology now allows us to track individual campaigns with some precision. In fact, many of our clients have 10 or more phone numbers active, each of them generating calls from a different website strategy. That way, we can test several strategies simultaneously and continue only with those that make sense in terms of the bottom line.

In addition, we now look beyond mere statistics. We can actually measure the quality of the leads we generate by recording each and every phone call as they come into our clients’ offices. And, of course, we can equally see whether our clients are handling the calls as effectively as possible.
Recently one client was heard to have over 70% of their calls going directly to voicemail. When we told them about this issue we were surprised to hear that they did not have a voicemail system. On further analysis, it was discovered that their new PBX phone system had a voicemail of its own that the client had no knowledge of. Hundreds and thousands of calls from existing clients and new leads had been going to this unused and unaccessed voicemail for months.

If you’re running any kind of marketing campaign you’ll want to get a unique number and track and record the calls on an online system with 24/7 access like ours.