Dr. Salzhauer, Cosmetic Surgeon Bal Harbour, FL, USA

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Dr. Edwards, Orthodontist, New York, NY

“Excellent job…Tremendous advantage over previous advertising…Money spent giving many, many times better service – much better than yellow pages and the like…I highly recommend them”
      • Over 100 prospects every month from our campaign.
      • Marketing cost per new prospect = $25

Dr. Perle, Dentist, Brookline, MA

“We’ve been using Web Marketing For Dentists since October 2004 and we’re really astounded with the return on investment month after month. Web Marketing For Dentists has consistently provided quality leads from the Internet at at a low price, plus their common sense advice on offline marketing has saved us money, too.”

Isaac Jaroslawicz, Lawyer, Miami, FL

“I have my own law firm down here and came across 100 Marketers after actually reviewing a few doctors and dentists sites. David Herman did a phenomenal job, 100 Marketers did an incredible job on listening to our needs, working to address those needs in a way that we’ve received numerous compliments, referrals, and added business. 100 Marketers took the time to work out the issues and for a law firm that’s not easy, to make sure we complied with all the rules and regulations, as well as to design a website that had impact and affect on the people we were trying to reach. We were very happy with the results, we enjoyed the process of working with David and his people and I think they deserve every compliment and every consideration in terms of working with you and doing for you what you need to be done.”

Dr. Dave Geltzer, Podiatrist, Philadelphia, PA

“My name is Dr. Dave Geltzer of Philadelphia Podiatry Associates. We’ve been using 100 Marketers for over a year to redesign our web page and institute and maintain an online marketing campaign. The company understood our needs and responded to them in a prompt and professional manner. The campaign has consistently brought new patients to our practice and we are extremely happy with the results that 100 Marketers has provided for us.”

Oded Ben Ari, CEO, Mike’s Cigars

“Hello, my name is Oded Ben Ari. I am the CEO of Mikes Cigars and we had the pleasure of working with 100 Marketers on several projects of marketing our website. The result of the project was very positive; we got a lot of many new clients and increased our sales. The process was very pleasant, working with David was a great experience and we were very happy that we were fortunate to meet with them. We are confident that everything that they did was completely on the positive side and everything was clearly communicated and done exactly the way we wanted. Thank you very much!”